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Why we?

Our goal is to perform the highest level of quality services at competitive prices


Professional Liability

We design and implement innovative solutions based on modern technologies and create value for our customers

Dedicated To Our Clients

As a business, we care about people. We are always ready to support our during implementation of projects with high-standards, ensuring their safety and integrity

Outstanding Services

Since we have many years of experience in the energy sector, we provide services that are highly efficient

Our Specialization


• Implementation of complex design and survey work for the construction of power grid facilities of 35-500 kV

• Implementation of complex design and survey work for new construction or reconstruction of thermal power plants: CHP, TPP, combined cycle gas turbine units (CCGT).

• Implementation of architectural supervision;

• Analysis of accidents, safety and survivability of power grid facilities;

• Design of relay protection systems, linear and emergency control automation for power systems, enterprises, electrical networks, power facilities and industrial enterprises.


• Construction and reconstruction of energy facilities (power plants, overhead lines, cable lines, buildings and structures) on a turnkey basis (EPC).


• Conducting energy audits of industrial enterprises and energy companies

• Development of an energy passport of enterprises and buildings

• Development of an organization's energy saving program


• Provision of construction machines and mechanisms for construction sites


• ShF-10G insulators - pin porcelain linear, are designed for insulation and fastening of wires on overhead power lines (LEP), in switchgears of power plants and substations of alternating current with voltage of 6 and 10 kV with frequency up to 100 Hz.

• Insulators TF-20, TF-20-01 (TF-20-O1) - linear pin porcelain, designed for insulation and fastening of bare wires of type A and AC on overhead power lines (PTL).

• Insulators IO-10-3.75 and IOR-10-3.75 are intended for isolation and fastening of live parts in electrical apparatus and switchgears.

• C4 porcelain insulator is used in electrical installations with a voltage of 6-10 ka


Metal molds for reinforced concrete products for power grid construction

• Substation elements
• Rigels
• Foundations of power transmission line supports
• Prefixes
• Power transmission line supports
• Traverses

Metal molds for concrete products of industrial construction

• Ribbed slabs
• Columns
• Farms
• Fences
• Beams

Reinforced concrete products for road, engineering, civil and industrial construction, for energy and agricultural facilities


• Crushed stone
• Quarry sand
• Bulyga


• The provision of construction machines and mechanisms involved in the performance of work at construction sites (dump truck, loader, excavator, concrete mixer, concrete pump)

Additional services

Concrete Works

- Production of concrete grades from 200 to 650 - Cementing of roads - Crushed stone - Klinets

Main Gas Pipeline

Operation of medium and high pressure main gas pipelines

Building Materials

building materials
at reasonable prices

Security services, CCTV

Installation of CCTV system Security services